Sunday, 23 May 2010

Did I mention I started out making bags and purses?

Well I did. And for someone who had no idea about sewing, the internet was a wonderful place to seek out and learn about sewing. There are so many wonderful people out there in the vast www who share so generously of their skills and knowledge. People like Lisa Lam of U-handbag. Lisa's Basket style bag tutorial was the first tutorial I really sunk my teeth into and had a proper go at. The resulting bag was this ...

I normally do my sewing after the children have gone to bed. I get about 2 hours of me-time. Sewing is a great de-stressor. I break each project down into manageable chunks - for example, one night I might be cutting out the fabric and interfacings. On another night, I might be making the pockets and so on. I thought I might share some of my bags with you in this post.

Here is a tote I made for my mother to go to her bible-classes with ....

Here is another basket style bag ....

This one is based on one of Lisa Lam's patterns, the Simply Stylish Handbag.

I made this purse for my aunt who adores teapots ...

And more recently, I discovered Australian designer, Nicole Mallalieu. I made this bag with her City Bag pattern. Nicole's patterns have very good instructions - almost a bag-making course in itself.

That's it for today. I'll have to dig through my PC's memory banks and find a few more to share another day.


  1. Hi Ady,

    Well done, you're amazing and inspiring! Looking forward to reading more and seeing the face behind the bags.

    Lots of love,

  2. I agree, Nikki's patterns are fantastic and that's what started me on bag-making (via you!). Wasn't quite so enamoured with the one pattern I have from Lisa ... but I may have had an off day as I've had a few people interested in buying that bag!

    Thanks for getting me started on what has become an addiction!

  3. Nikkis patterns are fabulous! I made my aunty a City Bag for an overseas trip and she loved it.

  4. I adore this basket style bag, and the Geisha one you just posted. Fab!!!


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