Monday, 1 November 2010

All stacked up

This is the last lot of coasters for my colleagues at work. There are 30 of us all together and we’ve all just moved into a new workspace. This is my ‘office-warming’ gift for each of my lovely colleagues.

Don’t they look great stacked up like this?

Flip them over and you have these sides to look at ...

I can’t get over how cute these look – it’s such a great scrap-buster project.

Here’s a bunch of them all quilted up and ready to go to their new homes on new desks at my workplace ...

A colleague from work has asked if I could put a quick tutorial together for her on these as she is just started sewing. The tutorial is now here.


  1. How sweet! I would love a little officewarming gift if I had to move. It would instantly make the new place more homely.

  2. They look great!! I seriously need to put my machine to work and make some of these :)

  3. Beautiful ... it seems a shame to actually use them for their intended purpose though! Sure your colleagues will love them.

  4. so cute! your collegues are very lucky!

  5. gorgeous! Please do a little tutorial as I've just started sewing too, I've made some coasters but would love to know how to quilt them. The first one I tried I used batting, but when I ironed it (the fabric was VERY wrinkled after I'd turned it) it just squashed! I recognise some of your fabrics... Moda layer cake by any chance??

  6. What lovely, thoughtful gifts - I bet your work colleagues will love them. I'd be interested in seeing your tutorial too, thanks.


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