Monday, 1 November 2010

A dinky wee thing

I first saw this little thing on Lisa Lam’s (she of U-Handbag fame who is also now an author of a fabulous book) blog here.

When I looked at it closer, I realised that the logo on it was that of a local company called TeamUKI.

Isn’t that the cutest, dinkiest little thing you ever saw?! I now have my own dinky micro-iron and Mr CraftyAdy laughs every time he sees it. It is pretty teeny but it actually gets really hot and it’s small enough to get inside a purse or bag if you need to iron certain seams open.

I have to hide my micro-iron from Missy Moo as she thinks it’s one of her toys!


  1. Ady, you must be psychic - I took photos of mine today and will be blogging about it either tonight or tomorrow!! It is cute and very good (I tried it in the UK - so useful).

  2. I want one!! I've just emailed the Team UK website to my husband with a little note!!

  3. How cute!! This would make me an envy of all my quilting friends.

    P.S. Thanks for the award! :o)


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