Monday, 23 April 2012

Crocodile stitch neckwarmer version 2 finished

I meant to post about this finished project last week but just never got around to it. Sorry! Well, here it is. This is a neckwarmer done in the crocodile stitch - so named because of it's scale-like appearance and structure. I made this one using a gorgeous self-striping single ply yarn by Crystal Palace called Mini Mochi. This colourway is called Rainbow Trout. The dye length was so perfect for this project as I pretty much got one shade of colour per row of scales.

The reverse side of the stitch is incredibly tidy and almost holds its own as a pattern in itself with all those V stitches. I guess I can wear this one on either side really depending on what I fancy.

I didn't want to put a button on it so this will be worn and held closed with my lovely scarf pin.

The thing about the Mini Mochi yarn is that sometimes if you're lucky, you'll get through a whole ball of yarn without finding any joining knots in it. This was the case with my first ball of yarn. However, the second ball wasn't quite so easy. After I unwound down the second ball to find the matching shade to join to the end of my first ball, I discovered five rows along that there was a knot and the colour jumped from blue to pink, bypassing all the green shades in between! So it was a case of unwinding even more to find a matching bit to rejoin. Towards the end of the second ball of yarn, I had to juggle it a bit here and there, cutting and rejoining where necessary to make sure that I used up as much of the ball of yarn as possible. I got right to the end of the pink and it just ran out with no other pink sections to join to. So I used some blue to do the last row as there wasn't any of the brown shades left. This end is hidden under the other end anyway - so it'd not be very noticable.

I love the softness of this yarn and the colours are so wonderful.

Missy Moo has been eyeing this neckwarmer covetously and wondering out loud if she would ever get a "rainbow scarf" like this. She doesn't actually come right out and asks me to make her one ... she sighs rather dramatically and says things like "Don't you think it would be wonderful if I had a rainbow scarf like this?" or "I'd really look nice in a rainbow scarf, won't I, mummy?" or "Will I ever have a rainbow scarf?" Makes me smile. I'm just waiting for the right question to come along. Am I being mean?

Spring is well and truly here now and it's getting milder - not quite neckwarmer-wearing weather, I'm afraid. I shall stash this away in a safe place where it can lie in wait for next winter. I spent most of winter just gone waiting for milder and warmer weather and now it's here, I'm thinking about next winter when it will get cold enough for me to wear this lovely thing!

Have a great week ahead, friends.


  1. She's so funny!!! I'm sure she'll work it put eventually.

    All that hard work was well worth it, Ady. It looks fantastic and the colour changes are wonderful.

  2. Ady I love this! Both sides are gorgeous!


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