Thursday, 22 November 2012

A bit more catching up stuff - better late than never

I meant to post these wayyyyy back when it was Halloween but never did for one reason or another ... main reason being that I am rubbish this year! So behind in everything!

So this year at Halloween I continued what I started last year - which was carving pumpkins for the kids, for school and for my workplace. All in the name of fun. You might remember that last year I shared my inspiration for carving pumpkins here.

Here are this year's pumpkins. This was the first one of 2012.

which when lit looked like this -

Then there were these guys who went to school with Dinoboy and Missy Moo. Missy Moo wanted a not so scary one and Dinoboy wanted one with teeth.

They looked like this when lit -

The big chap in the middle below came to work with me and sat at our reception desk trying to scare students for several days.

Franklin Fangs from last year made a command repeat appearance. A friend of mine started teaching at a new junior school and she asked if I could carve her one for her new class.

They even got to light him towards the end of the school day.

All in all a pretty successful series of pumpkins I reckon.

On this special day in November, I wish those of you who celebrate it a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Lord, 'tis Thy plenty-dropping hand
That soils my land,
And giv'st me for my bushel sowne
Twice ten for one.
All this, and better, Thou dost send
Me, to this end,
That I should render, for my part,
A thankful heart.

~Robert Herrick


  1. Those are absolutely amazing! So jealous of your skills :)

  2. You carved those?!?! WOW!!! Outstanding! That takes amazing control! How long did each one take?


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