Friday, 2 November 2012

A UFO finished - the crocodile stitch hood

In January this year, I started a crochet project - the crocodile stitch hood by Bonita patterns. Then some other projects came along and this got put aside for a bit. I then picked it up again, only to run out of the yarn I was using. I managed to buy some more of the same yarn - which came in a skein which needed to be rewound into a ball - and got sidetracked again. Story of my life.

It was not until I got back from our Malaysia trip that I decided I was going to crack on with this WIP or UFO or whatever it was and just finish it. It actually didn't take me as long as I had feared it would take. And the rewinding of the skein into a center-pull ball was not as painful as I thought it was going to be.

I nabbed Missy Moo and made her model it for me. It looks a lot better on her than it does on me. See what you think.

The yarn is a fabulous 55% merino wool and 45% silk mix by Fyberspates called Scrumptious. This is their 4-ply sport weight yarn. It's so soft and the silk gives it an amazing handle. The Scrumptious comes in a DK weight too and will be my go-to yarn if I do make this again for myself. I'm thinking that moving up to a thicker yarn and a bigger hook might make it better. This hood just about fits me but I'd like it to be looser - the way it fits Missy Moo.

"Please mummy, can I have one of my own? Pleasseeee??" See this? This is my daughter's woeful deprived-of a lush-hood waif look.

And this is Missy Moo when I told her I will make her a hood of her own. In pink. She is happy now.

I love the way the scales frame the face. It makes her look like a pixie, don't you think?

So next up will be a pink hood for the little miss - exactly how long that's going to take to finish is another issue. There have been many distractions since I started on the pink hood for Missy Moo. I will share these with you shortly.

Wishing you a fab Friday, friends. x


  1. I love it! And could Missy Moo be any cuter with those doe eyes???

  2. What a lovely hood ... it really does look good on Missy Moo!

  3. how cute! Well done on getting it finished.


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