Saturday, 20 February 2016

Ain't modern technology great?!

At work, one of the departments bought themselves a laser cutting machine. I was invited to view it and was offered the opportunity to use it during my lunch hour if I wished. I did have to provide my own materials and bring along a compatible vector file that the software could use to direct the laser to cut.

I had been playing around over the past few days with a couple of freeware packages that can turn jpeg files into vector files that the laser cutting machine could read and use. Finally yesterday, I was able to get some time on the machine. I had drawn up a simple five petal flower outline with a hole in the top of one of the petals. The idea was that it would be a flower tag.

Here's what the first run through using my flower vector file produced. Aren't they great?! I am so excited!

Using these lovely tags, I was able to make these last night for our country market craft table.

This new resource has so much potential and I have so many ideas rattling around in my head of other things to draw up for the laser cutter to cut for me. So excited!!

Well, it's Saturday - country market day! Yay!! I am off to pack my boxes up for market.

Wherever you are, have a lovely weekend, friends! 

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