Thursday, 18 February 2016

Rejuvenating my red Swedish clogs with a bit of burning

Once I had discovered how much I loved flexing my crafty muscle all over my new tan Lotta From Stockholm Swedish clogs (see previous post), I decided that my trusty old pair of red Swedish clogs (also from Lotta) needed a bit of rejuvenation. I sanded down the heels a little to clean them off and get the surface ready to burn on.

I found a little bird design in my collection of carving patterns. I believe this is a Lora Irish pattern from one of her collections. I had to modify the pattern to fit the wooden heel of my clog.

I cut a piece of tracing paper the exact size of the heel surface I wanted to burn on. This way, I could adjust the positioning and make sure the final pattern was exactly how I wanted it.

Once I got the pattern paper exactly right, I taped the corners down with a bit of tape and started to transfer the pattern onto the wood.

I wanted the birds lined up exactly in the middle.

Then the burning commenced. Burning on the heel of a shoe is a little tricky - especially when working around the curved part of the heel.

Those little birds turned out super cute, don't you think?

I've fallen in love with these lovely red clogs all over again. Can't wait for summer so I can wear them. There's something really special about red shoes.

Hope your week has been going well. The weekend is almost upon us, friends. What are you up to this weekend? I will be at our little country market on Saturday morning. I will take some pictures and share them with you in a future post. Until next time, happy crafting!


  1. Its a great way to rejuvenate your feet I must say, especially when using your cozy wooden clogs. You would hate if you loose any one of those. They are very comfortable,stylish and durable.

  2. So beautiful, you're really clever and gifted! Thanks for the many tips, I might try too. Would you recommend this to someone who can draw but who's never used a pyrograph?

  3. Hi Pascale. Thank you so much. Depending on the pyrography machine you have - it might be better to practise using your pyrograph machine first before you attempt it directly on the clog. it was tricky to hold the clog properly in order to burn on it. Don't rush - take your time.


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