Sunday, 12 September 2010

'Guess the project' mini-competition

I’ve just finished this little sewing project for my cousin and I thought it might be funny to make this into a little competition. I’ll throw in a surprise prize for the winner – but more about that later.

So –here they are.

What do you think they might be? Are they perhaps very small hats for children?

Are they face-masks for children? Or a curious gadget for blowing your nose into?

Maybe they are small dunce caps for dolls (sorry Fireman Sam but you were the closest to hand)?

Or perhaps they are a burlesque related item for grown-ups??

Send me your guesses as comments to this post – you can guess more than once. All the names of people who get the correct answers will be put into a hat on Sunday 26 September and a winner drawn from the hat. I’ll send the winner a surprise prize (handmade by my fair hands) in the post. Please make sure you include your email address so I can email you for your snail mail address if you’re the winner. For privacy, do not include your postal address with your answer – just your email address.

Good luck guessing and have a great week ahead!


  1. Does your cousin maybe have a little baby boy? :)

    I'm sure I saw something just like these on another blog a while back, specially made for the moment when the nappy is removed and the mother gets squirted in the face...

    It made me laugh a lot.

    Of course your project could be something completely different!

  2. Ohh - I have that winking owl fabric too - isn't it cute?!

    I'm a little worried that sparklepatel might be right - after all the lining seems to be made from towelling. And that just sort of makes me go "Ewww!". Although being pinkled on by baby boys isn't good either (yes, I do have experience from my (brief) days as a nanny ... enough said).

    And just can't think of any other reason for making cones lined with towelling. Hats would need some sort of elastic; burlesque ... hmmm, let's not go there!!!! And the towelling sort of rules out cones to hold sweeties as party favours (OK - and a cone shape perhaps isn't the most practical either!).

    I give up - sparklepetal must be right!!

    Doggie drool-catchers?!!

  3. Hahhahah! I have girls.. never needed them! hahahaha!

  4. I know, I know!!! Pee Pee Tee Pee's! Slap one of those babies on when removing the baby boys diaper and you won't get squirted-lol! I usually add a ribbon loop at the top in case it does get wet, one does not have to actually touch the cone part when done diapering.

  5. I'm wondering if your cousin is an adult or a child?
    If adult, then I'm definitely going for "Black Adder" style cod pieces. You'd certainly want something soft and comforting on the inside for one of those!
    If for a small child....then I'm opting for pointy bits on a dragon costume.
    But for an older about elbow protecters for a skate party?
    But, and this is just between you and me, if you have two left over I could think of some hilarious fun I could have wearing them to school one day....?

  6. I have to agree with sparklepetal...I purchased something similar for my son when he was an infant after a traumatic diaper changing incident at Target.

  7. I really do not know; However the usage for these Madonna's bra look alike is endless.
    Cup warmer, School project, boob warmer, dog hat, infant hat. Can it be yamaka ----

    -Samya :-)

  8. Ice cream cone cozies, to catch drips? I just wandered over for your shopping bag tutorial, but had to throw in a guess.

  9. I think these are a PEEPEE TEEPEE........
    Could have used one years ago when my son was small

  10. I think they to cover and keep warm boiled eggs!

  11. Well I'm just wondering if they were pee pee tee pee's and if they weren't, what were they? My guess would've been the pee pee tee pees' but I only just found your blog....too late to enter, but have had a ball checking your blog out...all the fantastic are soooo generous with them...well done on some fantastic ideas. Hugs Naomi

    P.S. you have a private email from me too.

  12. That is a wonderful idea! I Love your creations they are so cute.


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