Thursday, 9 September 2010

My Creative Space

Things are heating up at work. I work in a local University and we’re preparing for the annual enrolment of new students. This is the point we have been working towards all year. For me and my team, that means enrolling about 650 students in the space of 6 hours. **bites nails and crawls under desk wailing** Enrolment is 3 weeks away and I am feeling rather stressed out and ill-prepared for the onslaught that is to come. To make things slightly more interesting, we’re waiting for the builders to finish our new office so we can move in and get it ready in time for the start of term. The move is in 2 weeks and the place is a mess with rubble everywhere, dust, walls half-built, wiring and electrics not in .... hmmmmmm, that space under the desk sure looks inviting right now. What’s that song by Green Day which sums up how I feel – oh yeah, it’s “Wake me up when September ends”.

I‘ve been trying to stay sane and keep the stress at bay by trying to squeeze in at least half an hour of sewing a night. It calms my mind and lets me wind down enough to get a reasonable night sleep.

My space right now is taken up by these two foldaway shopping bags.

The darker fabric is actually a dark brown although it looks black in the photo. I thought a contrasting red bias-binding might work very well with this fabric. What do you think?

The other fabric doesn’t photograph so well – it’s a slightly darker green than in the photo above. The only bias-binding I had in my stash that goes with it was this green one.

They are both at a stage where I am ready to start attaching the bias-binding. I’ll post about the finished bags next week.

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Have a creative day, friends.


  1. They're looking great Ady and the fabric is beautiful. I hate how cameras sometimes get the colours all confused, but I guess we just have to live with that!

    Sending you positive vibes to cope with the stress leading up to Freshers' Week! I can understand the need to get even just a little bit of crafting in a day to clear your mind and stay sane.

  2. The red bias works perfectly. Love both the fabrics too.
    I have worked for a University before, and my mum did for years, I so hear you. Make sure you do get a little sewing in each night then if it does work to calm you down. And breathe. Lots of deep breaths at work.

  3. What's bais-binding, Ady? Looks like some kind of ribbon... Do I have to "right" the sides?

    Jess.... who can only do nails....

  4. Thanks Fiona. Thanks Cat. It's a big adrenaline rush to get it all done and all the students in - I'll be real glad when it's over.

    Jess - see this link to read about bias-binding.
    It's long or continuous fabric strips which are folded and pressed.

  5. I think the bias colors you chose look great with the fabrics. A friend brought me a ton of cool upholstery fabric swatches, each about 36x24", and I think they will be perfect to make your shopping bag with. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  6. I haven't a clue where my sanity went in life BC (Before Craft). best of luck with September!

  7. I think you should put up a sign on your desk saying "I'm only processing those students that are wise enough to bribe me with chocolate."
    You never know, it may help.

  8. Thanks all.

    Amy - those swatches sound perfect. Let me know how you get on with your shopping bag.

    Tania - I hear you ... Craft preserves my sanity completely.

    Clair - your suggestion has been noted and may well be actioned!

  9. i think the colours are great..


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