Thursday, 16 September 2010

My Creative Space

I’m still really busy at work hence the slow posting. There are no projects on my creative space at the moment but I did finish this project at the weekend.

Some colleagues approached me with a project – they wanted me to use fabric from a dress from Africa to make a big, huge tie for another colleague who was leaving the team. I used the Father’s Day Tie tutorial on Purl Bee’s blog

The dress had a circle skirt which was pieced from several pieces so it was hard to find enough fabric on the bias to cut the tie from. The pieces of the tie was cut directly from a length of the skirt – hence there were stitch-lines right across the front! I used some light-weight polyester fabric from my stash to line the back.

It was a fun project and my colleagues loved it!

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Have a creative day, friends.


  1. That is so funny Ady - being extra large anyway and then modelled on Dinoboy, the tie looks enormous!! Purl Bee is a good source of inspiration, isn't it?!

    Don't work too hard!

  2. Haha...great tie! And he wears it so well.

  3. Thanks Fiona. yes, Purl Bee is a great source of inspiration.

    Hi Clair. Thanks for the comment - he couldn't wait to take it off!


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