Monday, 21 November 2011

Cute button paperclip bookmarks

I recently bought some metal cover button kits and some giant paperclips. The cover buttons are metal buttons which can be covered with fabric. Dritz do a kit which comes with the plastic tool you need to make the buttons up. I used scraps from my stash and a small round circle of wadding to cover my buttons.

I then hot-glued them onto some giant paperclips which I found on etsy.

These make great little gifts. I have a few around the house - either as bookmarks or paperclips to hold my sheaf of bills together. They're a quick make and make good use of fabric scraps which might not be useful for anything else.


  1. These are just very cute. My button covering kit hasn't resurfaced post-move but it might be time to hunt for it as I could make a custom button for my next project rather than trying to find the right one in the shops. Thanks for the timely reminder!!

  2. Aw! These are really cute. Now I know what to make for my Christmas calendar!

  3. I had not used this type of cover buttons before. They are very easy to use. I had to remove the wire-back to make it easier for me to glue it onto the paperclip.

    Fiona - hope you find your kit.

    Thanks Halina! They would be great for your Christmas calendar.

  4. How lovely these are!


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