Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ending Halloween on a happy note

31 October fell on a Monday this year. Normally the kids would have been at school but this year, Monday 31 October was a teacher-training day so the kids were not required to attend school. They got the day off to hang out with me and got all excited about a Halloween party they got invited to.

I had one last pumpkin left and asked Missy Moo what type of pumpkin she wanted me to carve for her. She immediately declared that she wanted a 'happy' pumpkin. I think she's probably had enough of scary pumpkins this year. So a happy pumpkin it was.

I didn't hollow out this pumpkin - I just carved into it. I also did not break into the middle bit. I'm hoping that the rest of the pumpkin might still be OK in a couple of days as I intend to cut the face bit off and roast up the rest of it to make a bit of pumpkin soup!

I hope you had a fun Halloween. My two certainly did - they probably ate far too much junk food and sweets and spent most of the evening running about scaring each other and their friends to bits.


  1. I still can't get over what an amazing carver you are! This is brilliant.

  2. All of your pumpkins are awesome! I tried carving mine under the rind too and it was a disaster.... I'm blaming it on the lack of proper tools :)

  3. Ady, all your pumpkins have been brilliant. I'd love to see some of your wood carvings if you've still got any (my Dad's a wood carver - lovely hobby!).

  4. A MAZE ING! I am very impressed!


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