Thursday, 26 January 2012

Tee to tank refashion

Yesterday I showed you this ....

which got cut up like this ...

and now looks like this ...

Thanks to this fab tutorial over at Crafterhours, I now have a great 'new' tank to wear to my fitness classes and during the summer. I hacked a hideous old tshirt of Mr CraftyAdy into strips and used one of the strips to make the straps for this tank and actually left the hem on this tshirt untouched. It's so comfortable to wear. I love it!

I'm off to hack up a couple more old tees to make more tanks.


  1. Oh wow! When I saw the post yesterday with the tee cut into pieces, I couldn't envision what you were up to... but that is brilliant!

  2. Ha ha Ady it now becomes clear as to what you have been up to with hubby's old t-shirts. It looks fabulous.
    Ooh can't wait as I just found out my goodies have been despatched, yipee.

  3. Great transformation! Lovely shirt!


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