Friday, 3 February 2012

The crocodile stitch neckwarmer is finished!

The crocodile stitch neckwarmer I started a few weeks ago is now finished! Yay!! I lightly washed it, gently dried it and blocked it and it has made it's debut this week as we're presently experiencing very cold weather.

I realised when I was doing this that I had inadvertantly made it smaller than it ought to have been by using a 4mm hook. The pattern calls for a 4.25mm hook which doesn't exist over here in the UK. We get 4.0 or 4.5 - and yes, I hear you, I should have gone for the 4.5 or above but I made a beginner's error by moving down instead of going up in hook size. I have also discovered that I tend to crochet quite tightly - note to self ... loosen up!!

When I got to the end of the number of rows etc in the pattern, I realised I had almost run out of yarn and couldn't really add any any more rows in the same colour. I thought it might loosen a bit once blocked. It has loosened somewhat and thankfully does fit around my neck! If it hadn't, it would have ended up as a neckwarmer for Missy Moo.

I haven't found a suitable button or toggle yet. So far, I've been wearing it with a little hair-stick as a pin fastening it close. That works really well and I think I will stick to using a pin instead of a button.

This was made from 2 balls of Baby Rooster which is a 100% machine washable fine Merino wool. It's halfway between a 4ply and a DK I think. Very soft and not at all scratchy - which is good for me!

Can you see the bit of crochet and the dark red yarn at the top of the photo? That's my next project which is the Marte Crocodile stitch hood. I bought some incredibly beautiful 55% merino and 45% silk blend yarn at the weekend and couldn't wait to make a start on my hood. Very excited! I'll keep you posted on my progress later.

Have a great day, friends.


  1. It looks fabulous. I love merino, it's so soft.

  2. Looks fantastic, Ady. That really is such an effective stitch. Looking forward to seeing the hat too!


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