Sunday, 5 February 2012

Easy stitch marker

I wanted to make a stitch marker for my crochet projects. A quick rummage in my chain-maille box yielded a reasonable sized lobster claw clasp. Add an aluminium ring and a small bead and I got this ...

It’s easy to use and took me less than a minute to put together. And it does exactly what it was meant to do.

Next time I pop into the craft shop, I’ll look for slightly bigger lobster claw clasps and maybe some little beads or charms.

We had snow last night. This morning the temperatures have risen and it's all now very slushy, brown and generally icky. Hope you're having a good weekend, friends.


  1. Cute stitch marker! I just use the plastic ones - really cheap and cheerful but not as stylish!

  2. Thanks, I have been teaching myself to crochet and couldn't figure out how to use a stitch marker so was just guessing at the beginning of the rounds.


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