Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Pin Project 3 - my first bookbinding project

I’ve always wanted to have a go at book-binding. In particular, I was very much taken by the beautiful leather-covered journals I saw on Etsy. So when I came across this great tutorial on long-stitch binding, I pinned it to my ‘Things to make’ board on Pinterest.

A friend had given me a lovely bit of lavender coloured leather a while back to experiment on – not sure what it is – I think it is dyed calfskin. It’s suede on the inside and lovely buttery smooth on the outside. I bought some 140gsm off-white cartridge paper, cut the A4 sheets in half and folded the A5 halves into small groups of pages or signatures.

As the leather was so soft, I glued some white cardstock onto the inside to give it a bit more body.

Then I hand-stitched the signatures into the cover.

It was fun sewing and knotting each signature individually.

Here is the resulting journal.

I attached a long strip of leather to the over-flap with a few cross stitches.

The strap wraps around the journal.

This little journal has 200 pages (well 200 sides) in it.

I love the long-stitch pattern on the spine.

The tutorial was easy to follow and I was super-duper happy with the end result. I have to now figure out what I want to use it for and I also have to make a few more of these lovely books as they would make wonderful gifts.

I saw, I pinned, I did!


  1. Very nice! You're right - they make excellent presents (I have a sister who does all sorts of book binding and many other weird and wonderful things!!).

  2. That is really impressive, great job! *off to find your pin and re-pin it*

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I must have a go at this. is it something you see yourself doing again?

  4. I love it! I just tried binding for the first time some weeks ago, but my project is super rustic and simple. But I felt encouraged to try on finer paper and cover. Yours is amazing!
    Ana BC

  5. Thanks Ana. Do check out the tutorial. I found it really helpful.


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