Sunday, 12 February 2012

Pin and Do

Sarah London (she of the wonderful wool-eater blanket pattern) recently blogged about making a start on doing all those wonderful things she’s pinned on her Pinterest boards. “Stop pinning start doing” was what she said and I thought “Oh yes! I can go with that completely.”Sarah also shared this ... (number 3 made me smile - I can spend hours on Pinterest)

Pinterest is a new thing for me – I’ve only been on there for a few weeks and I love it! I haven’t got as many pins as some people but I find it a great source of inspiration and a fab way of bookmarking projects.

One of my boards is a ‘Things to make’ board. This is where I pin stuff that I have seen which I think I might like to have a go at making.

Once in a while, I will share with you my Pin projects as and when they come off my creative space. I actually have a few to share and will do so shortly.

Do you use Pinterest? Have you done or made anything from your ‘To do one of these days’ board?


  1. I use pinterest. Heaps of fun. I prefer to pin things that I have found on the net when researching ideas rather than just repinning other people's pins though. I have nearly (!) started on a slipcover for my recliner for which I have done a fair amount of perusing. But yes. I agree it is wasting time I could be sewing. Cherrie

  2. I love pinterest!! It's a rest way of bookmarking ideas ... I don't have a many boards or pins as many people seem to, but what I have got on their works for me I try not to spend too much time on there.

  3. I use the pinmarklet constantly, it's the perfect way to bookmark things. I used to use Delicious, but they've changed it and it's rubbish now so I'm gradually moving all my bookmarks over to Pinterest. I do like to spend a while each day repinning though too!


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