Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Pin and Do Number Two

Another interesting project which was on my ‘Things to make’ board on Pinterest was this superb Rapunzel wig tutorial.

Missy Moo desperately wanted one as soon as I showed it to her. After a trip to the yarn shop and a fortuitous find of three 100gm balls of chunky yellow yarn in the bargain basket priced at 99pence each, the project was underway. Another trip to a local craft store yielded a bunch of cheap wire-stemmed roses (found in the bridal craft section) and a dig around in the depths of Missy Moo’s wardrobe resulted in the finding of an old pair of white tights.

An evening was spent measuring and cutting the yarn. A quick bit of sewing and we got this.

We could have done with a bit more yellow yarn – you can see the gaps in the yarn and the skullcap which was made from the old tights showing through. But we didn’t have any more yarn and had to make do. The flowers were fastened to the braid and Missy Moo could not be more pleased with the resulting wig. I added a loop at the end of the braid so she could hang it off her wrist and keep it off the floor - I didn't want the end dragged all over the wet playground at playtime.

She wore it to a book character day at school and was exceptionally happy in her Rapunzel costume.

Another project pinned and done - and in the process, one little girl had herself a deliriously happy day at school.


  1. Looks great Ady, and she certainly looks well pleased with the results!!

  2. What a great wig Ady I can imagine how happy you gorgeous little girl was, I know my little niece would have loved this too.
    Max x


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