Friday, 25 May 2012

Playing around with closures - the magnetic closure

I like having closures on my journals. I normally have cavernous 'mummy' bags and if I have notebooks or something like a journal in my bag, they try to 'eat' the other stuff in my bag! I already showed you the pen holder closure which I really really like. This one uses a magnetic snap like the ones you find in purses and handbags. I added a couple of rivets to the front.

I used botanical themed postcards glued into the inside of the front and back covers to provide additional support to the soft leather. I secured the magnetic snap to the postcard on the front cover. The rivets on the front serve a second purpose which is to ensure that when one opens and closes (particularly opens) the magnetic closure, the postcard isn't pulled free from the leather.

Using my fancy little punch, I punched out some holes in a pattern on the corners of the back cover. The back cover extends out a little and folds over the paper signatures.

Here's the exposed longstitch spine and I incorporated a few teeny buttons to add some interest.

The magnetic snap is quite discreet actually and does the job of holding the journal closed very neatly.

I think I still much prefer the pen holder closure. What do you think?

Are you up to much this weekend? I'm hoping the weather here holds up and it stays nice, warm, dry and more importantly, sunny! Wherever you are, friends, have a great weekend. I will be back soon with the other two journals.

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  1. I like both closure methods although it's an added bonus if you have somewhere to keep your pen! I do think the magnetic snap closure looks very neat though.


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