Thursday, 17 May 2012

Playing around with closures - the pen holder closure

Here is the finished hand-bound leather journal from my previous MCS post. I wanted to play around with some closure ideas. I've seen some journals where they use pen holders as closures. This is my attempt at utilising a pen holder as a closure for a journal.

I found some teeny little buttons in my button box and decided to sew them into the spine. I think they work well with the exposed long-stitch.

I used rivets to secure the pen holder strip to the back cover of the journal.

Here is the inside front with the pink textured cardstock title page and the multicoloured butterfly manila card postcard. I might just go get my butterfly punch and punch a little butterfly into that title page after this.

To open the journal, one would slide the pen out of the pen holder loop and pull pen holder strap out from under the tab. I played about with different widths for the securing tab but finally settled for this one which is three quarters of an inch and attached it to the front cover with 4 rivets. To close, the strap would be slipped back under the tab, pulled in until the pen holder loop is visible, then the pen is slid back into the loop.

I think this closure works quite well. What do you think? I am always hunting around in my bag for pens. With this journal, the pen is always there. Pretty nifty, huh?

Have a lovely day, friends.


  1. I think it's a brilliant idea for a closure!

  2. I really like your journals. and I like the pen closure. I bet you could do this with an calendar/address book/diary organizer and sell them for really good money if you wanted to.

  3. Thanks Cam. :-)

    Thank you, Craftyrider. I have problems finding lined paper that is thick enough for my purposes. Hence up to now my journals are all unlined cartridge paper.


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