Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Last of the current run

Here are the last two journals of the current run of hand-bound leather journals that I am making.

They are both 120-page slim journals with smooth cartridge paper. Both have pen holder closures. Here's the Turquoise suede one.

The 'locking' tab which the pen holder slides under is normally made by sticking two strips of leather together. Since the leather I use is thin, sticking two strips together gives the tab a little more rigidity. However, in one of the earlier models, after a week of use, the two strips started to become unstuck from each other. I tried a couple of solutions like sewing along the edge of the tab (see a previous lime green journal with black stitching around the tab) and putting some eyelets along the middle of the tab. I like the way the eyelets look.

My hand-riveting skills are slowly getting better - the resulting rivets stay reasonably unwarped. My problem is that I tend to be too impatient and whack them a bit too hard with the mallet. If I remember to take it slow and steady, the rivets go on better.

Here's the one in the grey embossed leather.

I've been trying to find less 'girlie' cards or decorative papers for my inner cover supports. This one is a lot less girlie - no flowers or butterflies or birdies. I might do a few journals with more neutral / masculine colours for the guys.

The sewing machine was switched on last night for the first time in ages. I am working on a totebag of sorts made from a lovely linen teatowel I bought a couple of weeks ago and I also need to work on some knit / jersey summer wear for the kids. I'll hopefully be able to share something with you soon.

Have a great day, friends.


  1. I love the blue journal!

  2. I love your journals! Anyone would be lucky to have one of them! I once belonged to a paper kit of the month club and a lot of the papers I received weren't girlie at all.

  3. I love them, and I think they are really sophisticated!


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