Sunday, 17 June 2012

A teatowel is not just for drying dishes

Teatowels make good bags too! A foray to my local op-shop / charity shop recently yielded a lovely cotton teatowel with a very Jubilee themed print. I bought it and turned it into this -

It was a fair sized teatowel. I unpicked the hems, ironed it out flat and cut it in half. I had a piece of red dotty fabric in my stash bag and a chunky black double-ended zip. I've had these leather handles for ages - waiting for just the right project. I hand-sewed the handles on with some cream linen thread.

I sewed this bag just as you would sew a zippered pouch. I added some iron-on interfacing and a fleece wadding between the outer and inner layers for body. Instead of making boxed corners on the inside, I made the boxed corner on the outside and added a button. I thought it would look good since the print on the teatowel featured buttons too.

The only thing this bag lacks is a firmer bag-base. I might add one later. I rather like this bag - it is suitably cavernous for my needs! I shall be on the lookout for more nice teatowels in the future. Royal Mail has this awesome one with all the different coloured 'Queen's head' stamps on it.

Hope you're having a great weekend, friends.


  1. Beautifully made! I made a purse once, to my exact specifications and it came out really great. But alas, it was in my backpack, which I left on the trunk of my car and left for work, not realizing what I'd done. By the time I arrived at work and figured out what had happened on the 22 mile drive, I was heartsick. I think I was more upset over losing the purse than I was my wallet and all the stuff inside!

  2. I don't know where everyone finds such lovely tea towels - I keep seeing them turned into all manner of lovely things here in blogland, but can never find any worth doing any with. I must be looking in all the wrong places!

    Lovely bag! Frankly you would never guess it was made from a tea towel and the button details on the corners work really well.

  3. What a great find! I love what you've done with it! Do Royal Mail really sell tea towels?? I'd love a stamp one!

  4. Teatowel craft is addictive - watch out!

  5. Ahhh - Jojo! I'd be heartsick too!!

  6. Oooh, what a fab bag, and what a great tea towel too! I'm with Jojo, I never find good tea towels!

  7. :O When I saw this bag on you I thought to myself "ooh that's pretty, I wonder where she got it" -- it didn't cross my mind that you made it, although frankly I should have known better! :D Great job x


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