Sunday, 24 June 2012

Space kids tee-dress finished

This started out as a jersey vest top for Missy Moo but her royal Moo-ness wanted it to be a dress instead. I only got a half metre cut of this fabric and with careful cutting, I managed to squeeze out a skirt to sew to the top bit. She was very pleased with the dress.

I got the fabulous fabric from Kitschy Coo's shop and it was one of three jersey fabrics I bought from her.

Missy Moo wore this dress all weekend. Here she is throwing a few shapes around on the patio to illustrate how much she loves this dress.

There's a vest top for Dinoboy coming soon, another tee-dress for Missy Moo and a vest top for my niece too. It's all about sewing for the kids this week.


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