Saturday, 7 July 2012

The forest friends vest top

I bought a 1 metre cut of this gorgeous fabric and from this I made a dress for Missy Moo and also managed to cut this vest top for my 8-year-old niece.

This fabric makes me very happy - the colours are bright and the pattern is beyond cute. I'm glad I stuck to the red jersey bands for the neckline and the arms. I think black ribbing might have been too heavy. I hope she will like it as much as I do.

The kids and I are going away for 3 weeks to Malaysia to visit our famiy there. We fly a week today. I have so much to do before then. I'm working almost to the end. I've not even thought about packing yet - I'll probably be madly lobbing stuff into my cases the night before.

My kids and I have not done much long-distance travelling together. I used to travel loads before the kids came along. As a matter of fact, this will be Missy moo's very first flight ever. She is very excited about the trip. Dino-boy and I have flown out to the Far East before - we went twice before he was 4, both times to attend my brothers' weddings. The kids have had their jabs (Dino-boy felt a bare tickle apparently and Missy Moo screamed blue-murder at Nursey and cried tons) and are making their packing lists for stuff to take onto the plane. The first leg is 7 hours and we then have a 3 hour transit before another 7 hours to our destination.

Since my two are 5 and 10 respectively, I'm thinking of packing some sugar-free lollipops for them to suck as we take off and land. Have you traveled long-distances with your kids? What are your top tips for flying long-distances?

Hope you're having a great weekend, friends.


  1. Ady, the vest top is lovely and I like the red bands. Sure you niece will love it.

    Hope Missy Moo loves flying (otherwise you're stuck in that tin can with her for rather a long time!!!) - I think lollies and other boiled sweets are a great idea for combating any ear problems (I always have some sweets as I get terrible sinus / ear problems - but less so on bigger planes for some reason) but also might come in handy as bribes for good behaviour! Maybe you could pack a special treat for each of them to get on the second leg as something to look forward to. I'd also pack some melatonin to help with the jet lag and I guess a load of portable things to do should the "Are we nearly there yet?" syndrome kick in about 2 hours out!! At least airlines these days tend to have kids programming for the entertainment systems!!

    I hope you all have a great time visiting family and that you get back to a fab new kitchen (very jammy, getting that done while you're all away!).

  2. My cousin packs little activities for the kids to do on the plane - colouring books, little books. Gum for the ear issues. No electronic games though, at least ones that have sounds. What an exciting trip for you guys. And the vest is excellent. The red trim is perfect. I love the fabric b/c it reminds me so much of the 70s.

  3. The fabric is adorable! Great job! You'll be fine on the trip...just have snacks, games, and maybe a small blanket...inside the airplane can be cold!
    Travel safe and have fun!


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