Saturday, 14 July 2012

Last minute stuff and a whole lot of panic

I kept meaning to share the other stuff I made for the kids with you but one thing or another got in the way and in 2 hours time I am heading off with kids in tow to the airport to get on a plane heading towards South East Asia. We're going to Malaysia to visit my family. I have not been back in 7 years!! Very excited!

Here is the last of the jersey dresses for Missy Moo. as usual, she is thrilled with it.

Typical of my kid, she demands to wear it to school on the next non-uniform day and when she gets home from school that day, tells me that there is a hole in the back of her dress!!

It's a small hole but still a hole. No idea how she did it - probably caught it on something in the playground. So I sewed a small patch to it and it's fine now.

The boy has a new top too but I can't find the photos! I'll have to show you it when I get back from malaysia. I will have very limited internet access whilst I am there so I apologise if I don't reply to your comments. I have to go finish packing now and get the kids out of bed.

See you in a few weeks, friends. x


  1. Have a great and safe trip!!!! :D

  2. Your daughter looks so cute!
    Have a great trip!

  3. Adorable dress..and kiddo! Awesome fabric! Have a fun and safe trip!

  4. That's such a sweet dress!
    Wishing you much fun with your family.


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