Saturday, 26 June 2010

Dinky zip-away tote number 2 ...

... has turned out pretty well. I reduced the body of the bag to a single layer by eliminating the lining - it feels strong enough but I guess only a proper test-run will confirm if it'll stand up to regular usage. I made some straps from half of a long quarter strip of brown cotton. I'm not sure where I got the fabric for the base from but it reminds me of one of Orla Kiely's prints.

I used a facing at the top edge and put two rows of top-stitching all around the edge to secure and strengthen the straps.

I thought a contrasting coloured zip might work well here. I used a black bias binding at the edge for a bit of extra contrast.

And here is the tote all zipped up. How dinky is that?!

We've had an awesome sunny and warm day here in Birmingham. My washing line was packed full of fresh-smelling laundry and the patio doors were open all day. I managed to catch a moment with Missy Moo and Dinoboy out in the garden. I wanted to get some nice photos of the pair of them for a photobook I'm thinking of making for my mother-in-law for her birthday in September. I knew I probably wasn't going to get anything sensible out of them when Missy Moo started lke this ...

... and went on to this ...

... and then Dinoboy decided he might as well join in. Funny lovely children.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend wherever you are.


  1. Great bag Ady. My zip-away tote has a separate pouch attached on a string - I prefer your design as it gives some extra stability to the base of the bag. And the kids are just too cute.

  2. It's super cute when it's all zipped up in a little pouch.


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