Sunday, 27 June 2010

A sleeve for my new phone

I've had my trusty old Sony Ericsson phone for donkeys years and it was getting to the point where it was pretty battered and desperately needed to be retired - maybe sent off to some recycling facility somewhere. So my buddy, Craig and I went off at lunchtime on Friday to look at some phones. As much as I liked the iphones, I couldn't afford one. I had to go with whatever my pay-monthly contract would allow me to upgrade to. Enter the Samsung Wave - my introduction to the world of smartphones. It's reasonably slim, has a smart metallic chassis and a pretty neat responsive screen (which I discovered, does not work with long nails!)and the interface is slick and pretty intuitive for a noob like me. OK - I'm not here to review the phone. I am here to show you the new sleeve I made for it.

I used this cozy tutorial on Sew Mama Sew's blog. The dimensions I used were different to those in the tutorial. I measured up my Wave and adjusted the dimensions given to suit. It's a nice fit. It's got a piece of batting in the middle to add a bit of protection.

I used a black hair elastic band for the loop and a decorative button. I also added a fabric loop to the side and put a split ring on the loop. This would allow me to hook a lanyard to it if I wanted to.

It was a quick and easy project to make and I think I might make a few more for fun from scraps of fabric I have in my stash.

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