Thursday, 19 August 2010

My creative space

There is a lot of stuff going on at work at the moment. It’s pretty busy and I’ve had to bring work-stuff home to do in the evenings after the munchkins go to bed. That is not a good thing really as it cuts into my sewing / crafting time. However, it is unavoidable and only happens around this time of the year. Hence there is very little new stuff going on in my space right now.

The Granny shrug from last week is still an ongoing project. It has grown a bit but not by much.

I have managed to finish one small UFO which is this little pouch for my phone.

It matches my daily bag and brings my total number of pouches for my phone to 3. The other ones are here and here.

Something else which I managed to get started this week is my Blueberry vodka – or blueberry schnappes. A friend bought me this lovely big bottle of vodka at the duty-free shops when he was returning from a trip abroad. I decided that it was definately time for me to start making my blueberry vodka. The blueberries will sit in the vodka for at least 3 months and will be ready just in time for Christmas I reckon. Yippee!!

Hop over to Kootoyoo and see what else is happening in other creative spaces today.

Have a creative day, friends.


  1. The pouch is lovely, Ady. I've got a pouch for my iPod Touch on my list and some of those internal frames to play with. Not sure when I'll get to it though!

  2. now that's crafty ... blue berry vodka. sounds totally yummy.
    My Creative Space

  3. Blueberry vodka! You have captured just waiting for the Christmas drinks invite.

  4. The pouch is beautiful! Love the fabric you used.And yes it perfectly matches your bag too :)

  5. Thank you all.
    Drinks at mine at Christmas! :-)


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