Friday, 14 October 2011

Hats for Christmas

Last year I made about a dozen woolly hats on my round loom and they went into wrapped shoeboxes that some colleagues at work were putting together for the Operation Christmas Child project. I enjoyed making them very much and thought that I'd do the same again this year.

Missy Moo has set me a target of 10 hats to make. I've made 7 so far (8th is very nearly done) and here they are. I haven't had to buy any yarn this year - just trying to use up the yarn I got last year or yarn friends have given to me towards the project.

DinoBoy and MissyMoo tried them on for size and said they were very soft and warm. MissyMoo expressed her gladness at knowing that these hats were going to be part of some christmas presents for children in another part of the world.

I had to throw this next photo in for a giggle - this is what you get when you tell your subjects to say "Fromage" instead of "Cheese".

I am glad it's the weekend. The weather people on telly said that the weather might be quite good this weekend. I hope so. Wishing you a wonderful weekend wherever you are, friends.


  1. They're fantastic hats!

    The kids aren't too bad either. ;)

  2. wow, i'm super impressed! i only wish i could be so productive pre-christmas!


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