Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

May the glory and the promise of this joyous time of year,
Bring peace and happiness to you
and those you hold most dear.

It was very sunny yesterday. Today it is overcast but dry and still a little warm. The children will get their chocolate eggs a little later and we'll do the usual thing of rationing the chocolate out over the next few days. Given a choice, Missy Moo and Dinoboy will quite happily eat their weight in chocolate in one sitting ... and then we'll have to deal with the sugar rush that will undoubtedly jump in with both feet and the resulting 'hangover' afterwards when sugar levels hit rock bottom. They don't seem to mind the rationing - they do get small bits and pieces now and then throughout the day.

Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter wherever you are.

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