Friday, 22 April 2011

More chalk fun

This morning was bright, sunny and warm. The kids were straight out the door to play in the back yard as soon as breakfast was finished. We took the opportunity to have a bit more fun with chalk on our patio.

I drew a giant anglerfish of sorts (Dinoboy wanted a scary fish - and anglerfish are pretty darn scary to me) and the kids took turns lying down and posing for fun shots.

Missy Moo wondered if she could take scary fish for a walk like a puppy.

Dinoboy took a bat to the poor fish.

Aaarrrgggghhhhh!!! Scary fish!!!

The kids enjoyed thinking up scenarios involving Mr Scary fish.

The skies are blue and the sun is blazing away. I've done my grocery shopping for the week, we've just had lunch, my laundry is out on the washing line and I'm lazing on a chair out in the backyard in my Jamie dress. Bliss!

Hope you're having a great day, friends.


  1. Those photos are soooo cool! The higher angle has worked wonders.

  2. Thanks Cam! I still think I need to go higher but that is as high as my shortie step ladder will allow.

  3. What a lovely way to spend a day. Mine used to lie down on old rolls of wallpaper while I drew round them then spent the rest of the colouring their "mini me's"


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