Monday, 18 April 2011

Not feeling the love so much ...

OK, I have finished my Sis Boom Jamie dress. I have issues with this dress. (I'm having a bad hair day today - hence the headless shots. Sorry!)

I love this fabric - it's kinda wacky and so not a colour I would normally gravitate towards (I normally live in dark blues and black). And having seen some of the other fab Jamie dresses out there - like this lovely one by Monique or sew-along hostess Sara's gorgeous Jamie dresses here and here or Amanda from Kitschy Coo's awesome Zebra dress here, I felt inspired enough to have a go. This is the result.

Sorry for the appalling shot - the only long mirror we have is inside the door of the cupboard under the stairs.

But seriously folks - I am not feeling the love for this dress. It's not the fabric - that's OK. I think it is the skirt. It's pretty big. The gathers and bigness of it is of some concern to me.

OK - it doesn't help that I have bad posture in this and Dinoboy always takes unflattering shots of me ... perhaps it is something to do with the angle given that he is a shortie still.

I might have a go at reducing the skirt mass ... or I might designate it as "only to be worn in one's back yard" and have another stab at making the dress. Perhaps a tunic might be more up my street. What do you think?

Have a great week ahead, friends.


  1. I think the length of it is a bit unflattering since it hits the widest part of the calf. It gives the illusion of the leg continuing up under the skirt at the same width. You could try to shorten it so the hem is at the back of the knee, where the leg curves in. Like this:
    Oh, and maybe an underskirt to give it more volume for that 50s look. :)

  2. I always think a dress looks better with a head attached, but I take your point with bad hair days. I like it though and would probably choose the same length as you have. I've got big knees, apparently not in anyones opinion but mine, but nonetheless I like dresses just past knee length.

  3. I think it looks great! I get what you are saying...kind of sits higher on your waist?? Anyway, still looks great and I really like the fabric you chose..very springy/summery!

  4. I love it. I don't notice the bigness of the skirt, because it's drawing attention to your skinny waist.
    It's just lovely

  5. Ady, I think it's always subjective and, if you're not happy with it, then alter it. Don't designate it as an "just for indoors dress" - you'll never wear it! I agree that the skirt looks like it has more material in it than, say, Sara's version. Reading some of the comments from her sew along, others also feel the skirt has too much fabric in it. I personally would unpick the skirt, chop a good bit off the width and reattach it! Just my two pennies ....!

  6. Love that fabric! I think you should chop it much shorter, and if the fullness still bothers you redude the gathering too :)

  7. I felt the same way about mine.For me, it was the waist line. the band ended a the widest part of my tummy which - let's face it- isn't as think as it used to. So all those gathers were sitting on the widest part of my gut and making it fatter than it really is. Good luck figuring it out. I've given up on mine!

  8. I think the gathering in the skirt looks great on you, but I know that is a personal preference. Maybe if you shorten the skirt it will put a whole new spin on it?


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