Saturday, 16 April 2011

Joining in with the Sis Boom Jamie Dress sew-along

Sara over at Sew Sweetness started a sew-along using the Sis Boom Jamie dress pattern. I really like this dress and all the finished sew-along dresses look so nice.

I decided to join in and have a go myself. This orange/yellow/gray/black cotton print was in the sale at one of the online shops I frequent - Doughtys. I thought it would make a nice summer dress. *Fingers crossed*

So here's how far I've gotten so far. I pinned the straps in to the finished bodice so I could do a quick fit before continuing.

I read somewhere that one should cut a size up on this pattern for the bodice and waist. So I did. But I then realised that I ended up with quite a large bodice width-wise and had to take it in at the sides. I think given the amount I cut back on, I should have gone for my original size after all. But that's OK - I'd rather be able to take it in than to find out I'd cut it too small.

I have made a boo-boo so far. I wanted to extend the waistband piece to the back bodice. I also wanted it to have the same rouched effect as the front. But in my haste to cut and make the bodice, I've ended up with a back waistband which is taller than the one at the front. Duh! *slaps forehead*

See the inch gap between the topstitched edges of the bands? I am such a numpty! I've decided to continue on with the dress - ignoring the mismatched bands. Good thing I decided to make the band in the same fabric as the main body of the dress. The mismatched band would have looked even more obvious if I had gone with a contrasting band. On to the skirt next.

Hope you're having a great weekend, friends.


  1. Hey Ady - the fabric is busy enough not to make it noticeable at all. So - shhh! - don't tell anyone!! I like the fabric - I would so wear that. Can't wait to see the end result!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished dress, looking good! Thanks for the link to the shop too. I'd bought some Amy Butler from them at the Craft Fair but forgotten the name of the shop. The only thing is, I was in Hereford this weekend and could have visited them, if only I'd known!!


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