Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My Creative Space

My creative space has been temporarily hijacked by a bunch of teeny weeny jump rings and two pairs of pliers.

I'm working on another Byzantine bracelet. This one has 3 linking rings in two different colours. It's very pretty. I'm hoping there will be enough rings left over to whip up a pair of matching earrings. I love that this project is so small - apart from my pliers, the project fits easily into an old Altoids mints tin. Cool huh?

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Have a creative day, friends.


  1. Very cool! Love that electric blue!

  2. Patience is a virtue and will reward you with beauty. Cherrie

  3. It's gorgeous! I agree with Fiona, the blue is awesome!

  4. Loving the blue and silver...And isn't the whole Altoid tin aspect of jewelry-making wonderful? I've got several different projects tinned and ready to go!

  5. That is such an awesome effect. The silver an blue really ping off each other beautifully.

  6. Thanks all.

    Wendy - Altoids tins are awesome! I need to get some more.


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