Monday, 26 March 2012

The adventure continues ... with blue suede

Here is my latest hand-bound leather journal. I finished it at the weekend. This one is covered in totally luscious teal blue suede leather.

Here’s the exposed long-stitch spine.

Originally the plan was to have ten signatures of cartridge paper. But when I’d stitched in the tenth signature, there was space left for one more. So I added another signature which means that this journal has eleven signatures in total.

That’s 220 pages in all.

Since the suede was a bit floppy, I glued in this cute vintage VW campervan postcard to stiffen it a bit.

That screw head you see there is the back of this lovely nickel Celtic knot concho. I added a tab with a slot so the concho acts like a button.

The journal is held close like this.

I am seriously getting into this bookbinding stuff. It's so much fun and the leather smells sooo nice.

Have a wonderful week ahead, friends.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Each one is even better than the previous, and what a lovely colour suede.

  2. Ohh this is my fave so far! Well done it looks so professional!

  3. oooh, that blue suede certainly is luscious. gorgeous!

  4. Your book are really beautiful and made so professionally.


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