Thursday, 22 March 2012

The nice thing about being a crafty person ...

... is that you are able to change something you don't like about the original design if you want to.

You might recall my first ever handbound leather journal which I shared here. It had a strap which wrapped around the journal and tucked into itself. I used it for a couple of weeks and found that the strap kept working itself off in my bag - which got really annoying after a while.

So after I had finished the second leather journal project here where I used a securing tab to hold the strap in, I decided to change the strap on my original journal. I took the original strap off, cut it down a little and fixed it with some rivets to the overlapping flap. I used the bit I cut off to make the securing tab and riveted that to the front cover.

It's working well for me and now the strap stays put no matter how badly it gets jiggled around in my bag.

Despite the label on the packet saying "Easy Rivet kit", my riveting skills are seriously lacking and I managed to bash my thumb with the mallet a few times! Still they look OK from the top - just don't ask to see the state of the back.


  1. Good save, Ady! As you say, it's great to be able to tweak things, but I'm not sure I like the sound of bashing thumbs with mallets. Think I'll stay away from rivets as I'm a klutz at the best of times!

  2. Hehe that is the good thing about having a handy hubby - he has riveted a bazillion things in his lifetime :)
    Looks great from the front, I like the long stitches!
    Amy :)


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