Friday, 23 March 2012

A new book finished

Remember that journal I was showing you a couple of days ago? The one which was in progress in my creative space? Well, it's finished and I love it! Don't you think it looks like a really cute clutch?

I had some bits of the vintage world map and the airmail poster left from the last book so I added them to the signatures of paper just to add a bit of interest.

The bag clasp worked beautifully. It's fixed to the cover with rivets. When I was punching out the holes for the rivets, I punched few more decorative holes in the cover.

As I mentioned previously, I've used 140 gsm cartridge paper - cut into A5 sheets and folded in half to form the groups of pages. This one has 10 groupings (signatures) of pages and each grouping has 20 sides of paper to write or draw on. This journal has a total of 200 pages.

I do like the exposed long-stitches on the spine.

I love the way the clasp works on this book. I might just have to order a few more! I have three other leather covers cut and ready to be used. Just have to spend a couple of hours tonight cutting and folding the paper signatures and deciding which cover to use. I have a couple of silver conchos somewhere in my button tub which I think might have to be incorporated into the next book.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.


  1. You are totally rocking these!

  2. It's absolutely stunning! Looks soooo professional.

  3. it's amazing Ady, you've got a real talent at bookbinding

  4. Wow your journal looks amazing!


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