Saturday, 10 March 2012

My second bookbinding project

I have finished my second longstitch leather journal which I showed you in my last post. This one has a lovely rich cerise coloured sueded leather cover. I stitched a long strip of leather on as a tie and a shorter bit of leather as a securing tab.

Remember the templates I showed you in the last post with the different stitch lengths? Here's how the stitch pattern on the spine turned out.

This journal was made with a very special person in mind who loves travelling. I found a couple of vintage looking posters and cut bits out to wrap the paper signatures in to add some interest. One of the posters was a world map poster.

The other poster had vintage airmail stamps on it.

I am very pleased with the finished journal. I think it's turned out really well. I have a bit more pink and purple leather to use up on other journals and I think I might then have to go shopping for more leather in other colours. I am very grateful to the generous friend who gave me the pink and purple leather cuts. He's started me off on an incredible new craft journey and I am delighted.

I have plans this weekend to make 2 fleece quillows ... but first I have to go to work today to help run an open day. Hopefully I'll get the quillows cut out tonight and stitched tomorrow. What are your plans for the weekend?

Whatever your plans, have a great weekend, friends.


  1. It looks fantastic, Ady and I'm sure your friend will love it! I have some sewing planned for the weekend ... and possibly a bit of yarn time too if I'm lucky!

  2. That is absolutely beautiful Ady. Looks so professional! The recipient is very lucky indeed.

  3. That is neat. I like wrapping the signatures with different papers. Maybe one day I will try bookbinding. But for now, I will just admire yours.

  4. Thank you Fiona, Cam and Craftyrider.

  5. WOW absolutely gorgeous I love love love it

  6. Ady, this is stunning! YOu really have a talent for book binding.


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