Saturday, 12 March 2011

Half dragonback bracelet finished

I started this with full intentions of making it a dragonback bracelet. But I decided to skip the last step which was adding the final row of rings on the back through the middle. Due to the size of my rings and probably the aspect ratio of the rings too, the last row would have made the bracelet really stiff. I liked the slinkiness at the half completed stage. So it's staying as a half dragonback. Each side of the bracelet looks slightly different from the other. This side has a curved edge.

You can't see it very well in the next picture but the other side has a ridge of rings on each edge. I used blue anodised aluminium rings down the spine and plain bright aluminium rings elsewhere. These are 5mm internal diameter rings made from 1.29mm gauge (16AWG) wire. It's got a slide clasp as a fastener.

Everytime I made a new bracelet, I decide it's my favourite! LOL! This is my current favourite.

Since finishing this one, I've made an identical one for a friend at work and there is another one in progress with gold rings along the spine for another friend.

If you fancy a go at this, here is the tutorial I used. Oh and if you're making this weave, you need to make your European 4-in-1 starting chain longer to start with. In the 5mm id rings of the same gauge I've used, the finished bracelet has 7 spine rings to an inch of bracelet. The spine rings are the middle row of rings on the European 4-in-1 starting chain.

I have to head into work later as we have an open day today and we're expecting a few hundred people to come visit the university. So I'm off to do some house chores now.

Have a great weekend, friends.


  1. This is REALLY cool. I'm loving your chain maille creations.

  2. ummm, these are like FABULOUS!....i tried working with some jump rings and it was hard!! i decided i had to stick with beads. but your work is beautiful. you have a great talent...and i think it may take some patience.

  3. That is just so beautiful - I love how heavy and substantial it looks.


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