Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sales and commissions! Woohoo!!

This week has been a great week so far. I sold my first chain maille bracelet to a colleague on Monday! It was one of these neoprene o-ring and multi-coloured aluminium rings bracelets.

That same morning, I got a commission from another colleague who wanted a choker in the double helm weave like the bracelet I showed you in my last post here.

Then a third colleague asked if I could make one of the neoprene o-ring and multi-coloured aluminium rings bracelets for her 8 year old niece. Woohoo - I was on a roll!!!

Over the weekend, I finished my half dragonback bracelet (the one I was working on in my last My Creative Space post last week) and wore it to work on Monday. I bumped into friend at lunchtime who said she was enjoying the photos of my chain maille work. I showed her my new bracelet and she immediately asked me to make her one!

On Tuesday, I sold this bracelet to yet another colleague. Actually, it was this colleague who suggested this particular colourway (thanks Margaret!) and it's worked out really well.

I got a fourth commission this morning for another half dragonback bracelet. Wow! I am going to be very busy in the evenings for the next two weeks at least working on these commissions. I couldn't be happier!

I hope your week's going great so far, friends.


  1. Awesome Ady! Congratulations! They are all beautiful! You will HAVE to open an Etsy Shop for sure!! Time to quit your day job!!

  2. Congratulations ... and I hope you're charging enough!!

  3. Thanks Angela ... maybe not just time yet to quit the day job but I live in hope!

    Thanks Fiona. I hope so too. As long as I cover my costs plus a bit extra for time spent, I'm happy.


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