Monday, 28 March 2011

Half dragonback in silver and gold.

I finished this half dragonback bracelet in silver and gold recently. A friend of mine had asked me to make it for her.

I like the gold and silver combination.

I have decided I need more of these in my life ... maybe a silver and pink one for myself. Or silver and violet .... hmmmm.

I seriously love this weave - it's substantial and feels wonderful when worn. As it's made from bright aluminium rings, it's light and ever so easy to wear.

Have a fantastic week ahead, friends.

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  1. Funny - it really doesn't look light! Once again, a gorgeous bracelet .

    I think you could (should!) successfully open an etsy store for your chain maille pieces ... especially if they're light to post! I think that's half the battle with etsy - having a product where the postage costs don't become a barrier to purchase. This seems ideal! Just a thought!


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