Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Gathered pouches

A while ago I made a couple of gathered zippered pouches using Noodlehead's pattern here. At the weekend, I decided to make a couple more. They are lots of fun to make. The construction is easy and the gathering and band on the one side makes it a bit more interesting than a plain zippered pouch.

I adore this bunny fabric. It's so cute. I have a lovely pouch which my longtime friend & fellow blogger Fiona made for me in the red version of this bunny fabric. So when I saw a fat quarter of the blue bunny fabric in my local fabric shop I bought it immediately. Too cute to pass up.

One of these pouches has a new home with a good friend of mine whose birthday it was last week. I shall keep the other for myself. There's enough fabric left over to either use in a bag or to make another largish pouch or a couple of smaller pouches. I like the fact that fat quarters can go a long way.

It's hump day today. I hope your week has gone well so far. Not long until the weekend. Enjoy the rest of the week, friends.


  1. The fabric is perfect for that pouch - another pattern I've got on my list to try!!

  2. I can fit more things into this then the last one! A brilliant pouch. :D

    Thank you. :)

  3. I think your pouches are great! I adore that bunny fabric! Do you know who makes it? Wonder if it is available in the States???
    Have a great rest of your week!


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