Monday, 27 June 2011

Pendrell number 2

I made the Pendrell again. This time from a soft drapey crepe-like polyester which was in the bargain pallet at a local fabric warehouse. I bought 1.5 metres and it cost me just under £3 because the fabric was priced at around £1.50 per metre.

It's very red, isn't it? The hem isn't crooked ... it was just a bit windy yesterday afternoon when I was trying to take photos of it!

I made it short again like the first version. It rides just on my hipline. It's a good length for me. I made the cap sleeves a bit smaller than version 1. I think in my next version of the Pendrell, I might do away with the cap sleeves altogether and just keep the shoulder frill which I really like.

The weekend was a bit of a sewing fest for me. I finished this top, another Sorbetto tank top and a simple one-seam elasticated waist skirt for me. I'll show you the other two items later.

Today is a big-ish day for Missy Moo. We have a 1-hour visit to her new class which she will join formally in September. Today's a bit of a mini induction I guess. She's wearing her new uniform (this is the summer dress) and is very excited.

Dinoboy is in the Junior school linked to the Infant school Missy Moo will be joining. They will walk to school together but once the school day starts, they won't really see each other until after school when they will both be at the after-school club together. They are both quite looking forward to September.

Have a great day, friends.

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  1. Great top - I love the colour. I would wear it!!! You're definitely on a roll ... sadly I have no sewing time right now - probably won't have much till August.

    Hope Missy Moo enjoys her first taste of school - she looks very grown up in her uniform!


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