Saturday, 4 June 2011

Rookies and a cool design concept

I can't even remember how young I was when I first started to use chopsticks. I do remember I started out gripping both sticks tightly together and not using them very effectively until I was maybe about twelve when I finally got the concept of holding the sticks apart.

For Missy Moo's birthday, a friend gave my two kids these rookie chopsticks and they are seriously clever! Missy Moo got a pink rabbit one like this -

and Dinoboy got this super cute Penguin one.

Look at this for perfect placement of fingers! Missy Moo found it quite natural to curl her ring finger and pinky in to support the one side of the rookie stick.

Dinoboy was still finding it slightly awkward and wasn't sure how his ring finger and pinky should sit but he'll get there eventually.

Dinoboy was even picking peas up with his new rookie sticks!

I didn't give the kids any instructions - I just passed them the rookie sticks along with the packaging it came with and let them look at the sticks for a while and get a feel for them. Within a minute, they had figured out how to hold them. The design is simple and intuitive. The size of the silicon finger rings clearly indicate which fingers go where and the kids were able to figure it out for themselves without much intervention from me. Fun and cool!

Have a great weekend, friends.


  1. LOL Trudi! I'll let you know if I come across any adult sized ones.


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