Sunday, 26 June 2011

Where I hone my powers of resistance to temptation ...

... and fail miserably probably 6 times out of 10!

I've lived in our home for 14 years now and I regularly have to drive past a wonderful shop called the Cotton Patch. I don't always drive past it ... sometimes I walk past it. And every single time I do, I have to say to myself "No, you don't need anything from there - move along please!"

It's quite hard for me to move along when the inside of the shop looks like this -

Or this - look at those rolls of oilcloth.

There's a shelving unit full of Amy Butler fabrics.

There are baskets of neatly folded fat quarters.

There's a wall full of books and magazines.

Right next to that is the Moda rack with tempting layer cakes and jelly rolls.

Every nook and crannie is filled with fabric, nifty gadgets and all manner of quilting goodies.

In my house there are boxes full of fat quarters, half yards and the odd full yard. I am slowly working my way through my stash ... very slowly. I don't really need any more fabric - yet sometimes when I have a day off work, I am drawn to this lovely place. The staff there are great and don't mind if I wander in for a chit-chat, see what's newly arrived and spend a few moments touching the bales of gorgeous fabric lovingly and staring at the shelves in awe. Sometimes I go in and manage to leave without making a purchase - not very often mind. More often than not, I cave in and walk away with a little bundle of fabric clutched to my chest possesively.

The Borg were right. Resistance is futile.


  1. Gosh Ady, do you know how lucky you are??? I have JoAnn's. That is pretty much it unless I want to drive at least an hour away to the closest quilt shop. That store looks totally yummy!!!

  2. Oh my, I imagine that's what heaven looks like!

  3. Resistance is indeed futile - it's a great shop!,

  4. Oh, I want one!! I buy stuff from their website but I want it near me! Where is it?

  5. I grew up in Birmingham, now live in Telford but still visit family in Birmingham regularly, HOW did I not know of this place of wonder and delight?


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