Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hottie finished

I finished my hottie cover for the Hottie Challenge over at Curlypop's blog last night.

Here's the front ...

And here is the back which is the same as the front.

The leaves and stems were cut from a lovely soft flannel scrap.

The top had to be kept open so the cardboard cutout could be inserted. This was the only rule in the challenge. There's a sew-in popper underneath the sun to secure the top opening.

I'll be posting this off tomorrow morning and I hope it gets there in time for the deadline. Have a look at the Flickr group here to see the other entries. Hottie number 3 which can be seen here is my favourite so far.

Hope you're having a good week, friends.


  1. Oh how lovely. It's such a pretty waterbottle cover, love it!

  2. Oh, that's turned out beautifuuly, Ady! Hope you're pleased with it?!

  3. Thanks Wendy and Fiona.
    I am pleased with it but I think the machine-quilting could have been a bit tidier! Good thing the messy bits are on the inside and not noticable until you actually look into the interior of the cover! Nitpicking really.

  4. Yah! It's beautiful Ady. I love how you've quilted in the sun and the rays.
    I hope the postie is speedy so that I can admire it for a while before I take it to the exhibition!

  5. What a fabulous hottie cover, Ady. All your machine quilting looks neat and tidy to me ... Well done!


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