Friday, 28 January 2011

Eyeglass cases and why I don't say the 's' word much ...

Which 'S' word I hear you ask?

Spectacles. There! I said it ... but I can't say it without immediately thinking of the mnemomic for how to properly make the Catholic sign of the cross that Robbie Coltrane taught Eric Idle when they were hiding in a convent in drag in the film Nuns on the Run. And it makes me laugh every time. (In case there are friends who don't know what on earth I am referring to - the mnemomic is "Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch".)

I've been making some eyeglass / glasses cases recently. I had a couple of internal flex frames in my hardware stash and had bought a pack of 10 more from these guys. (who are fab BTW!)

This one went home with mum. She picked this lovely blue fabric from my stash. The photo doesn't show up the silver highlights in the fabric.

I found this bright and colourful fabric in my stash - it was not a big piece but this type of glasses case doesn't use up a lot of fabric. All the cases have Vilene medium loft fusible fleece inside for padding.

This one is mine ... I've been saving this kawaii panda fabric up for at least 2 years. It was not a big piece of fabric at all - a bit less than a fat quarter. But enough to make this cutey for me.

And of course Missy Moo absolutely HAD to have one for her sunnies. She picked this pink with hearts remnant from my stash and was delighted with the result.

I finished another one last night and also made a shorter one to take my phone. I'll take photos to share with you at the weekend. There are 2 more cases sitting on my sewing table all cut out and ready to sew up.

The experiment using the bag base template from the zipaway tote is going well ... I think. I'll find out at the weekend when I put it all together! Then it will either be win or fail. Hopefully not the latter!

Hope you are having a fabulous Friday and wishing you a great weekend ahead, friends.


  1. I'm with you on the 'S' word ... !!!

    Love the glass cases. The pandas are really so cute.

  2. These are lovely, I'd have kept the panda one too. I'd love to make a whole load for my dad as he has about 8 pairs of glasses and is forever losing them. I couldn't find the flex frames on the website you pointed to - what are they called?

  3. I love your fabric choices! They all look super!


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