Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My creative space

There are quite a few things going on in my creative space at the moment.

There are 2 glasses cases.

There’s a bag – I haven’t made myself a bag in goodness knows how long ... I had cut it out and then realised I didn't have enough interfacing left to use in this bag. Duh! I’ve ordered some interfacing off Ebay and am waiting for Mr Postie to bring it to me. Hopefully tomorrow so I can work on this bag some more.

There is also an experiment I am working on. I have been thinking about the bag base for the zipaway tote bag and trying to come up with something else I can make using the same template. It’s still at the drafting stage but I think I’m almost there. I’ll try to take notes so I can make a tutorial from it later.

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Wishing you a creative day, friends.


  1. Good luck with your experiment. I can't wait for the tutorial LOL.

    Lots of love,

    -Samya :-)

  2. Hate it when that happens - it's usually a zip I thought I had but can't find, or running out of thread half way through the project.

    Looking forward to seeing what you make!

  3. good luck on the bag front..
    the vinyl I used is actually printed cotton and thin clear tablecloth from spotlight(not sure of the exact name for it)
    thanks for stopping and leaving a comment

  4. Thanks Samya. Thanks Fiona. I'm hoping the experiment turns out well too. Hoping to finish it this weekend.

    Thanks Tanya. Your blog is great!


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