Sunday, 16 January 2011

The hug pillow and the proverbial rod

I saw this really great tutorial for a great keepsake pillow over at From an Igloo a while back and it was on my 'To Do' list for ages. Then when mum came over, I thought it was the perfect time for me to make one for her.

Christine over at From An Igloo called it a Hug pillow. Here's mine.

I have been hoarding a Moda Love U jelly roll and layer cake for a while now ... saving it for something special. I traced the kids' hands and cut them out of two sheets of fabric from the layer cake. The pink borders were cut from a couple of strips from the jelly roll. Here's the back of the pillow.

Mum loved the pillow. (Thanks for the inspiration, Christine!)

There was just one very small problem ... mum looked at the hug pillow and said thoughtfully, "Wouldn't it be really nice if you could make me a quilt with all our handprints on it?" All of us refers to me, Mr CraftyAdy, Dinoboy and Missy Moo, my two brothers, their wives and their kids and of course, mum. Twelve of us in all. Mum thought a quilt made up of 12 blocks with a handprint in the middle of each block would be fabulous. "There you go!" she declared. "That can be your project for the coming year!"

The simple pillow project had potentially just turned into the proverbial rod! This could be an interesting year.

Hope you are having a good weekend, friends.


  1. Lovely pillow! Of course it needs a quilt to go with it!

  2. That was exactly what mum said. I suppose I best get started on it soon. I could start on the 4 blocks from my household first whilst I wait for my mum to send me the traced handprints from the rest of the family.

  3. Ha! That's exactly what my mum would do!
    I really do love the idea of a handprint quilt to go with it. What a lovely keepsake.

  4. Thanks Cam. Mum did suggest I leave some space in case my brothers and their wives decide to have more kids and I have to then add more handprints. I am trying to figure out how to add the names next to each handprint without the need to hand-embroider them on. Hand-sewing and me do not get on.

  5. Hello Auntie (Ady's mum) , tell her you want the feet too! ;)


  6. Beautiful pillow. Love the hands.

    -Samya :-)

  7. Blimey, Jess - don't start giving her ideas!!!

    Thanks Samya!


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